Kitchen accessories that you will Love

Who doesn’t loves food? And for preparing delicious cuisine you need to have an authentic kitchen place. To make cooking super fun and easy we are bringing an extraordinary collection for your kitchen. With these cute and stylish kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances you are going to enjoy cooking even more. Bring more elegance to the ambience of your kitchen with these wonderful kitchen gadgets.

Some of the cute Stuff that you cannot resist having as they are definitely going to improve your life style. Flaunt your new kitchen décor in front of your guests as these products are definitely going to have an impressive effect onto your guests.

Here are some cute and unique handpicked products from amazon India which will make your kitchen the talk of the town

Little Birdie Fruit Fork

Kids generally don’t like to eat fruits and it’s really hard to convince them to eat some.So make their meals healthy and fun by giving them these Birdie Fruit Fork. These Forks come in various attractive colors and wonderful bird shape that will make children fall in love with eating fruits. These fruit forks are provided with a birdie tree stand which gives an impression of birds sitting on a tree once the forks are placed. A cute decorative piece for your kitchen, dinning table.

Handcrafted fridge magnet Memo Pad

Quirky and colorful fridge magnets are in trend but what about a fridge magnet that is also a memo pad?A life saver for those who keep on forgetting things and needs to write down stuff to help them remember. What could be a better place than your very own fridge to write down things you need to remember.Every time you go for a glass of water you will be able to remember the things you need to do. You could easily write down your schedules, grocery lists or any other note. You can easily write down stuff with any sketch or marker pen and erase it with a moist cloth.

Colorful Dip clip bowls

A must have for all the homes, these mini clip bowls could carry sauces, dips, kimchi salad, etc for you. Now no more messing up of tomato ketchup or sauces with the food on the plate. An elegant way to serve food. Just clip one of these to the side of your snack plate and enjoy delicious snack with your favorite dip.A suitable item for parties so that you can have your dips conveniently.

Not only at home these dip clips are soon going to be essentials during travels. Have your condiments easily on the go in your car. Attach these clip bowls to the vent of your car and that’s it! Have delicious dips anytime.

Cute omelet pancake molds

Well everyone wants to make a perfect omelet or a perfectly shaped pancake. Here’s the deal for you, these stain less steel omelet molds make perfectly shaped meals for you. No need to eat irregular pancakes anymore. A delight for children’s as they love having their snacks well organized and in different shapes. Make their favorite shape and make their breakfast more fun. Now your breakfast does not only taste yummy but also looks delicious. Impress your hubby by making perfectly round pancakes or omelet with the help of this omelet ring.

Pizza slicer with spatula

Another efficient  must have kitchen accessory is this amazing pizza slicer  which not only cuts a smooth slice of pizza for you but also removes it neatly off the plate. Party time is on and so is your pizza slicer. Just slice and swipe! No more bad experiences with slicing pizza and serving them neatly.

Chopping board with removable basket

One of the most needed item for any kitchen or any cook is a chopping board. This is not any simple chopping board but comes with an attached basket to store all the chopped vegies for further use. The attached basket  makes tossing of the cut vegies into the pan easy.

Tea infusers

You can never get enough of them. These silicon tea infusers are so cute and adorable that they could be a perfect gifting option for any tea lover. Now get to brew your tea according to the strength you like.

Cotton Candy Maker

Kids as well as grown ups who does not love cotton candy. Now you don’t need to go out to have your favorite cotton candy.Make them instantly at home and have as much as you want. You can also ass your favorite flavored candy and get all new your own flavored cotton candy.

Ice Gola and Slush Maker

With summers approaching, the streets are going to be lined up with gola and slush makers. Don’t worry about the unhygienic gola that you love served by the street vendors. Now make  your favorite flavored gola and slush at home and enjoy the chills in hot summer!

8 in one Multi kitchen tool

Why bothering buying different tools for your regular kitchen chores when you can get all of them together. A multifunctional tool kit for kitchen to make work much easier than before. A combination of 8 different tools and a décor piece for your kitchen. This multi tool consists of a funnel, a lemon squeezer, a cheese and spice grater, an egg separator, masher, a measuring cup and a can opener.

Door Hanging -Mummy da dhaba

This cute wall hanging could be an exceptional gift for your mother’s who work day and night and cook delicious dishes for you. This wall/door hanging will definitely grab attention from your guests or you could just put it on to mark your Kitchen territory!A creative decor for indian kitchens.

Desi wooden khat table

Want to serve your guests in royalty?This wooden kitchen khat table will definitely grab a lot of appreciation from your guests.Make your food more appealing by serving it on this desi wooden serving tray.With the unique way of serving beverages to your lads you can have a good back pat. This wooden khat is made from oak which is not only shiny but will remain hygienic forever.

Handy Chopper

Are you /your mom tired of chopping off veges all day long? This revolutionary handy chopper can save your a** and lots of time. This Pigeon Handy chopper is made for those who wants to save their time while having some fun on the other hand. No more tears while chopping onions because it comes with all packed nice jar looking case. finally its time to forget about traditional chop boards because its a unique chopping hack which can really saves you lot of time.Also because of its mini size it becomes portable and you can carry it anywhere. Buy this unique kitchen tool from amazon India NOW.

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