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In case you missed it, Father’s Day is fast approaching this June. Historians believe that the story behind Father’s Day celebration goes beyond thousand of years but Father’s Day was officially announced a holiday in USA in1926 since then people across the world started celebrating this occasion every year. Father’s Day celebration got popular in India about a decade ago when people started to adopt and accept western culture. It falls on the third Sunday of June every year when all the children’s try to express their love and gratitude to their father’s by doing something special. Although this has been in the country for a while now still this culture of celebrating Father’s Day Is only popular in big and metropolitan cities. Small town and villages are still unaware about this day. It’s a celebration for honouring father’s and the teachings he taught us over time, the sacrifices he made for us.

Everyone tries to do something extraordinary for their father’s on this day, some buy expensive gifts while some give them priceless gifts. Every one has their own way of showing affection and care. Here are a few trendy and unique gift ideas for the upcoming father’s day. You can either DIY, create a personalized gift basket, personalize a gift, gift him a gadget or any quirky gift.

You could easily pick best dad ever mugs or my hero dad coffee mugs or photo frames. Your dad will appreciate every little thing you would do for him but why not stand away from the crowd and give him some unique gift this Father’s Day. Get him something that he could flaunt about and also use nicely.

Bar Tool Set

Impress your dad with this amazing bar tool set. For your rough and tough dad this could be an excellent gift. This bar tool set comes in a stylish black colored packed briefcase which makes it even more authentic. If you own a mini bar at home then surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a new collection to his home bar.If your dad loves having a fancy craft cocktail at home then this bar tool kit is essential for him.Leash out your mixing skills and combine different drinks in the right amount to enjoy amazing cocktail drinks…have a home bar tending experience.

Multi-functional hand tool Kit

An outstanding gift for adventurous people. For you adventurous and tough dad a multi-functional tool kit. If your father loves fixing things up around the house he will definitely be delighted with this excellent tool kit. It’s portable and thus could be carried while camping and hiking…no more need to carry a whole tool box outside when all of your problems could be solved easily with this hand tool. Contains 1 hammer, 1 axe, 1 pair of pliers,1 saw, 1 wire cutter, needle nose pliers, 1 Philips head screwdriver, 1 hexagonal screwdriver, 1 can opener.

DAD,You need rest pillow

What a soothing and comfortable gift this could be! Every night while going to bed this pillow will put a smile onto your father’s face. After working all day long get him a good night sleep with this cute pillow cover. One of the cutest gift you could gift your dad this Father’s Day. Show your love and care to your father by gifting him a comfy and unique gift this Father’s Day. This could also be a thoughtful gift on for your dad’s birthday!

Personalized engraved photo

Every portrait has its own charm which are meant to keep forever and close, Many people choose to frame them but that’s too mainstream nowadays. But of course at trendaap.com nothing is normal and usuall, Presenting Personalized Photo engraved frames which will curate your picture to life, just send them your picture and message(if any) and they engrave it on a very shiny wooden frame,This trendy wooden frame is in high demand. You can send it to your loved ones as cool gift, especially if it’s Parents or your other half.
  • Papaji tussi great ho Mug

Mugs have been like a traditional gift on every occasion and they surprise you with some unique content every time. If you haven’t gifted a mug to your father before then this will be the perfect mug for your father. Start your father’s morning with a smile on his face. Budget friendly and punjabi dad’s are going to just love this papaji ceramic coffee mug.

Best Farter Mug

Here’s another great mug for you!As soon as your father will see this coffee mug as his present for father’s day he will burst into laughter. The most fun and unique gift for father’s day. Fill in some laugh an humour into your father’s life with this funny farter mug. This mug have been the perfect funny father’s day gift for years.

Amazon echo

Give this new tech device to your father this father’s day to make him feel more comfortable at home. Feeling lazy going to other room for turning off the light? Just call in for alexa and get your work done comfortably while sitting at your place. I bet your father will exclaim with surprise when he will get to know about all the things that this device could do.

Wireless anti-theft alarm device tracker

If your dad always looses his keys or forgets where he parked his vehicle in parking this wireless anti-theft tracker will be a great help to him. Make your dad aware of the latest gadget trends with this unique gadget. Whenever your phone and this I tag is away for more than 10 m both will ring for a warning. You can also track your products with the location function.

Anti-slip pad for mobile

No more worries about your mobile phone falling off the dashboard while driving. This anti slip mat is made with gripping rubber and could be used to hold your mobile, glasses, keys electronic gadgets from falling off while driving. One of the most useful daily life useful gift for this Father’s Day!

Nose shaped spectacle holder

If your dad is always forgetting that where he placed his glasses this unique product from amazon could be a perfect gift and a problem solver for your father.This father’s day gift him this ethnic wooden nose shaped spectacle holder.How many times you have broken your or your father’s spects by mistakenly sitting on them?Well, that happens with everyone but not anymore with this amazing nose shaped glasses holder.Keep your spects safe and clean on this holder.

Super Dad Chocolates (DIY)

If your dad has a spot for sweet tooth and love chocolate bars he is going to love this cute and creative diy gift for father’s day.The best thing about this diy gift is that your father will get to know how much you care for them by seeing your efforts into making this creative and unique father’s day gift. All you need is: colorful card stocks, crayons, markers, scissors, tape, glue and chocolates.
Now just draw and color faces and super dad labels as shown in the picture. Fold the card stocks over the chocolate like a cape.You can also add a little note at the back telling your father how much you love them.That’s it ,your super easy father’s day DIY is ready!You can also download the template for this here:  DOWNLOAD PDF

Felt picture bookmarks (DIY)

A super easy bookmark for all the bookworm father’s out there. So simple to make and yet so charming, these book marks are going to get a special place in your father’s heart as well as their books. These could also be used as to mark important pages in files and documents. So either way in office or home they would be using them. All you need is: Felt, your picture together, glue, some yarn. Just cut the felt into the shape you want and stick your picture onto the felt. Laminate this piece. Punch a hole on the top and add some yarn for decoration.
felt bookmarks
shapes pancake

Fun shaped pancakes with handmade card! (DIY)

If you are looking for something adorable then your search may stop here coz no one can deny that this DIY isn’t cute. For some no gift is greater than the gift of food and if this is the case, I hope you know how to make pan cakes. Make your pancakes in cute shapes such as a tie, sport he likes or tools. You can use this pancake pen to do the task easily or you can first make them in circles and then cut out the desired shapes. You can also use these pancake moulds . All will work out fine! Just use your creative side and decorate it as u like.
For the card you need too cut out your palm shape on two colorful stock papers. Cut another strip of colorful paper into a long rectangle and fold it accordion style. Write “I love you Dad “on the palm and this much on the accordion folded paper, you can write any message you want. That’s all your cute DIY is ready to put a smile on your father’s face.
this muchcard

Apart from these exclusive gifts,the best alternative for a perfect father's day gift could be a gift box.Gift boxes have been in the trend for a long time and they are like those evergreen trends that never fade away.Gift boxes are even convenient these days as you can sit at home and purchase everything online...no more need to roam around the streets from shop to shop to collect items for gift box.You can either gift him his favorite sport gift box,car wash gift box, grooming gift box,nuts and gourment gift box(they are extremely popular these days!) and if you are ever running out of ideas you could always buy all the little things he likes, combine and create a personalized gift box!

IN CONCLUSION:Make this Father’s Day a special one for your dad. He is the one who probably taught you tying up your shoelaces, woke you up in the morning, dropped you on and off from school and many more uncountable things. He really deserves a day off and relax and being the child it’s our responsibility to make him feel loved and cared about. He would be more than pleased only on seeing the efforts you make, I bet he would not want anything else in the world. Respect him, make him feel comfortable because this is the day to honour all the father’s in the world!

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